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    Rowe General Contractors specializes in creating happy clients.  Here's what a few have to say: 

    We originally chose Rowe General Contractors because we had toured several of the luxury homes that Greg Rowe had built in our area and were impressed by the quality of the construction.  We ended up having to wait two years to build our home while we sold our previous house and acquired our land.  During that time period the housing industry in Florida was literally collapsing around us.  Many of the builders were building spec houses on their own land.  While we watched the real estate market, we noticed that Greg Rowe kept building quality homes one at a time, and he was completing them far quicker than any other builder.  

    We feel that choosing to build a custom home was one of the largest financial commitments we have made in our lives.  We knew that selecting the right builder was key to achieving our goal.  A good custom home builder can handle non- standard specifications, create a unique home using experienced craftsmen and maintain openess and accessibility with the client.  A great home builder can do all of the above while completing the home in an organized and timely fashion.  Greg Rowe is a GREAT home builder. Rowe General Contractors worked efficiently and ethically to bring our dream to fruition,  and we are grateful for their knowledge, wisdom and incredible work ethic in completing our lakefront home.  Many builders can start a project but few can finish them on time and still have a great relationship with the client.  Greg Rowe creates beautiful homes, and we are very happy with our decision to use his company.  We would absolutely do business with him again.


    Greg and Renee Gingold 

    Odessa, FL